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The Fifth Night of Birthmas

I'm posting this early because I had problems getting the other one to work, and I want to make sure this is viewable before I leave for Albany/Troy.

Here's the scoop:

Have you driven around some some neighborhood and oohed and ahhed over the lights? Missed the good ones cuz you were looking out the wrong window? Let someone else do the driving so you fell asleep to the carols on the radio? This is an homage to the tradition of taking a Holiday Lights Tour. For Ivy and I, I think this started *after* the original 12 Days of Birthmas, but it is a treasured memory nonetheless. Here's my most recent version, from Somerville MA, where we both once lived (and now actually rents trolleys and has tour guides for the occasion!). Imagine you are along for the ride, and Enjoy!


try try again

I understand the last time this didn't work- error message or some such. So, once more with feeling: My First Night of Birthmas Hannukkah inspired music video! (Courtesy of Keep the Day Job Production)




So, as we celebrate the First Night of Birthmas by observing the First Night of Hannukkah.. here's my contribution...

Silly, Surreal or Sensational? You decide!
Alice's Contribution to the First Night of the 12 Nights of Birthmas celebration of Hannukkah..


The Common Bond

Who doesn't watch the Tonys (or the Oscars) without imagining their own acceptance speech? I found myself taken aback, heart bursting when I heard this one this year:
(and he's an SU alum, too..)

Frank Langella

Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play

For Frost/Nixon

There's a line in Frost/Nixon which says, "Success in America is unlike success anywhere else. That feeling when you are up is indescribable." And I'm very grateful to the theatre community, to my colleagues in Frost/Nixon here and overseas, and to the New York theatregoing public for allowing me that feeling this season.

The line in the play then goes on to say, "But there's another feeling -- when it's gone, to somewhere else, to someone else." And I know that feeling. Everyone in this room knows it. I suppose we can't stop people from putting us into competition with one another and once we are here, I suppose we all want to win. But I think we must honor the common bond in us, the struggle, the striving for success, because that's a race you simply can't lose. I am very proud and very honored to live an work among you splendid people, thank you.

Thank you for giving me that indescribable feeling. I wish it for you all.

Catch it if you Can

It may not be the best thing ever made on the topic, but "Through Deaf Eyes", a documentary now showing on PBS, has a wonderful melange of description/narration, interview/clips of previous films from Deaf History and (my favorite part) original films by Deaf filmmakers. The short film "Vital Signs" is particularly powerful, because of the way it parallels American Sign Language and cinematic storytelling techniques.
And my good friend Joan Wattman was one of the Editing Interpreters who worked on the documentary!
Check it out: